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Our services

For all types of industrial sectors

Electric panels

We offer solutions to control and protect the electrical circuits of different facilities, from small homes to large factories.

Motor control panels

We provide control solutions for electric motors in various applications such as industry, agriculture, construction, and more.

Automation boxes

We help automate and control industrial and commercial processes through the use of PLC, to improve efficiency and productivity.

Certified pictures

We offer temporary and safe power supply solutions for provisional works, complying with the rules and regulations.

Machine control panels

They allow the control and supervision of different types of machinery, from small tools to large industrial machinery.

Visualization mimics

We provide a clear visualization in real time of the different processes of the electrical installation, allowing a more efficient supervision and control.

Computer racks

They offer storage and protection solutions for network equipment, servers and other electronic devices, ensuring network availability and performance.

referents at the national level

Experts in electrical panels for all types of industrial sectors

Specialized in electrical panels

Our sectors

infrastructure sector


Automobile sector


Water sector


Health sector


Data control rooms


Transport sector


Third sector


we want to solve

some of your doubts

AyC offers design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for electrical panels, as well as process automation through PLC and machine control.

AyC works in different sectors, including the infrastructure sector, the automobile sector, the water sector, the health sector, data control rooms (CPDs), the transport sector and the tertiary sector.

AyC manufactures custom electrical panels for different applications, including motor control panels, process automation panels, certified panels for temporary works, among others.

Yes, AyC offers a guarantee on its products and services, ensuring their quality and reliability.

You can contact AyC through its website, email, telephone or social networks. You can also request a quote or ask for more information about their services.

Yes, AyC offers continuous and real-time technical support services through different communication channels, to solve any problem or concern of customers.

AyC serves different types of clients, from small businesses to large corporations and individuals, in different sectors and applications.

AyC works in different geographical areas, serving clients throughout Spain.

The delivery time of AyC’s products and services varies according to the type of project and the client’s specifications. However, we always work efficiently and quickly to meet agreed deadlines.

Yes, AyC offers personalized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client, guaranteeing the best quality and efficiency in all its products and services.

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